The Project Vision

The Design Details

Ramgarhia Board Leicester was founded as a voluntary charitable organisation with the aim of fulfilling the religious, educational, cultural, sports and recreational needs of the community. It opened a Gurdwara in Meynell Road, Leicester in 1972, and this same site has served the community ever since.

In 2015, Ramgarhia Board Leicester purchased land in Hamilton with a vision to creating a purpose built facility to meet the current and future needs of the community. This new Gurdwara project is now committed and in progress.

The success of the Gurdwara has seen the strong Sikh community in Leicester outgrow the current site at Meynell Road. It now struggles to meet the requirements of the growing congregation, from young through to old.

By constructing a new purpose built Gurdwara, the vision is the community of today and tomorrow will be engaged and empowered by a prominent hub within their locality that has provision for a range of religious, spiritual and educational needs. It will be modern in design, accessible and spacious, contemporary and expandable. It is a Gurdwara by the community, for the community.

The design approach is based on the vision of British Sikh communities as progressive and creative members of society, the proposed building reflects this spirit.

It is of modern contemporary design with beautiful stone finish, glass domes providing abundance of natural light providing an open and natural feel together with some traditional elements through use of colour of the Nishan Sahib.

The Gurdwara will be set in a 2.8 acre landscaped plot providing a comfortable eye pleasing design and impressive footprint.

The accommodation provided within the new Gurdwara is of a very practical and functional nature, the main entrance addresses Lower Keyham Lane and leads you to a double height foyer, an open and airy space which acts as the directional hub of the building.

The Langar Hall (Community Dining Hall) is located directly off the foyer which also serves as a flexible space for community use and the residual ground floor accommodation is ancillary to support the functions of the Gurdwara.

The main Diwan Hall (prayer hall) is located on the first floor and is approached by two symmetrical curved staircases.  Two wings of learning zones either side of the Diwan Hall provide educational resources for the youth, a dedicated library and an IT room to support these spaces.

The upper most storey comprises of a smaller Diwan Hall which can be used simultaneously to the main hall if required. The Sikh Holy flag (Nishan Sahib) is featured to the front of the Gurdwara signifying the presence of a Sikh Temple within the neighbourhood.

Project Funding

This project is driven by the community, for the community. A sense of belonging and ownership is fundamental to not only the successful project, but more importantly a successful new Gurdwara for both the Sikhs and the wider community.

With a cost of £6.1 million, there is a real and urgent need to help drive financial support for this epic project. Ramgarhia Board Leicester has taken steps to secure commercial borrowing and created a financial plan to support the project. However community-funding support is ultimately needed for success. A project of this magnitude will only succeed with the financial commitment and support of the community.

A humble request is made to all of us to help support financially in anyway that we can. This can be one off donations, lump sum deposits, fund raising initiatives, low interest loans and most usefully, monthly standing orders.

By following the Sikh principle of “Dasvand”, which inspires the giving of 10% of income to charitable causes as Seva (selfless service), we ask all earning members of the congregation to setup a monthly standing order for any ammount that you can afford (recommended ammount – £20).

Any contributions from UK payers are eligible for Gift Aid, which benefits the project by an additional 25% contribution from the Government, without any additional cost to the individual.

A standing order form and instructions are included on the last page of this brochure.

The objective is we unite and create a visionary Gurdwara as a hub for the whole present and future community, all working together to make this our success.

Project Vision

Videos of the Journey

Progress Images

Current Build Progress

1. Initial Groundwork / Foundations

Groundworks completed January 2018
Foundations Completed December 2018

2. Steel Frame

Completed March 2019

3. Internal Block Work and Feature Stairs

Completed December 2019

4. Outside block work and roof
Internal Finishing

Outside Block work scheduled to be finished March 2022
Internal Finishing scheduled to be finished March 2023

5. Car Park & Gardens

Car Park and Gardens scheduled to be completed November 2024