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In honour of the birth of Baba Jujhar Singh Ji we share the following excerpt from Kavi Sainapti’s Gur Sobha Granth on the naming of Baba Jujhar Singh Ji.  “In the heavenly abode of Anandpur, the 10th Master would bring the local and far visiting Sangat joy by starting the morning with kirtan, prayer and spiritual discourse.  In the evening the Guru would instruct for traditional histories to be recounted and for the ancient scriptures to be read by the royal poets, thus sharpening the minds of the sangat.  In the day, Sikh Warriors would be taught to meditate on war. In the wild jungles, they learnt to master hand held and projectile weapons, were taught to hunt with courage and strategy, sounded the Ranjit Nagara (battle drums) and taught the battle horses to understand subtle signals to evade various deadly strikes of the enemy.  In this atmosphere of spirituality, knowledge and action, the Guru remained ever prepared.  In this electric battle charged culture, the great Guru’s second Prince was born to the compassionate Mata Jeeto Ji.  When Mata Ji requested her Husband-Guru to name their son, the great Guru roared, “In these days of battle preparedness, it is justified to give my son the name JUJHAAR Singh. He who has an insatiable hunger for War”.
Gurmat Parchar Samagam @anahadkirtansociety  At @gurdwarasahib_rbl on Monday 6 May 2024 🙏🏻  Bhai Davinder Singh Ji Sodhi 
Bhai Niranjan Singh 
Bhai Gagandeep Singh

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It was brimming in every corner - awesome support from the RBL Sadh Sangat🙏🙏 #JLR #MLSS #Vaisakhi2024 #JLRSikhnetwork

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Waheguru ji 🙏


Sangat were bless to have @fridaynightsikhi back at @gurdwarasahib_rbl this Friday evening. Bhai Aman Singh continued with sakhiyan from Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj’s Jeevan taken from Kavi Santokh Singh Ji’s works.

Bhai Sahib explained the sakhi of Pandit Gopal who despite being a very learned individual carried a lot of hankaar / pride with him. The video above explains further how Guru Ji humbled him greatly.

Before continuing Bhai Aman Singh explained the importance of the Mangla Charan - Sab Te Vadhan Satguru Nanak Jin Kal Rakhi Meri and the importance of these within the Sikh tradition as a means to focus the mind and give gratitude / pay obedience.

Bhai Aman Singh Ji then moved on to the Sakhi of Patshah Ji at Jagat Nath Puri. This is where maharaj famously rejected the ritualistic form of Aarti to deities and explained that the true Aarti is towards the formless and omnipresent Akaal Purkh Waheguru not just in their Nirgun Saroop but also in their Sargun Saroop. Bhai Sahib ji then focused on the Pangti in Guri Nanak Dev Ji’s Aarti Aarta - Gur Sakhi Jot Pargat Hoye I.e. listening to the sakhis of the guru the jot will be forthcoming within.

Bhai Aman Singh Ji then went on to explain the various distractions that we encounter in Kalyug. Guru Sahib Ji has made it very easy for Sikhs in the sense that doing a single Sukhmani sahib is equivalent to remembering Waheguru for 24 hours. Furthermore Guru Hargobind Sahib gave us Shabad Hazare with one listen equating to the blessings of listening to 100 shabads.

Similarly Sri Krishan Ji explained the same things to his followers in Dwapar Yug. In satuyug and treta yug people had more time to do naam Simran kamai but this was shortened in Dwapar Yug when life spans were reduced and society was corrupted. In Kalyug Satguru Nanak Dev Ji maharaj has given us all the tools we need where even a moment in remembrance of Akaal Purkh equates to more than a day in rememberance of Akaal Purkh in Satyug 🙏🏻

For more vichaar and deep insights like the above please attend @fridaynightsikhi on a weekly basis and join us here at @gurdwarasahib_rbl on the first Friday of every month.
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Waheguru ji 🙏

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